Garbage and Recycling Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE NOTE: To report any concerns or complaints with regard to residential garbage service or cart replacement or repair, call (985) 331-8604 or fill out the form located here.
Download and print an informational flier on garbage collection here.
  • What is the serial number stamped on my cart?

    Each address has a cart assigned to it indicated by the serial number stamped on your cart. This helps residents keep up with their cart, and helps Pelican Waste or the parish locate lost carts. 
  • What about parking on collection days?

    Do not park at the curb on collection day. If a car is blocking the safe collection of your garbage by the semi-automated equipment, then the driver will not pick up at the time. You will not receive collection service. In order to be serviced, all carts should be placed at least 3 feet from vehicles, trees, mailboxes, fence posts, etc as discussed previously. In those few locations where parking is an extreme problem, place carts on the driveway or next to the curb with the wheels against the curb, and park autos so fast to accommodate the safe collection of garbage. When delivered, your wheeled cart will be placed in the correct position for collection.
  • What if my cart is stolen, damaged or destroyed?

    The wheeled cart is the property of Pelican Waste & Debris or the city and must not be painted, abused, mutilated, altered or modified in any way. If the cart is damaged or stolen, the following policy applies: if the damage is your fault, you will be required to pay for a replacement. If the collection contractor damages your cart, it will be replaced at no charge. Stolen carts must be reported to the Sheriff's Office.
  • What size carts are available and what does it cost?

    Initially each household will be given a 96 gallon cart. The cart should provide adequate capacity for an average household. There is a monthly charge for an additional cart. 
  • When does my bulky waste get collected?

    Bulk Waste "Boom Truck Service" will bi-weekly pickup large items with weights or volumes greater than those allowed for containers. Bulky waste includes automobile parts, (fenders, seats, camper tops and other parts not to exceeding 400 pounds) furniture, window air conditioning units, yard waste construction debris, but excludes dead animals, hazardous waste and stable waste.
  • When do I place my cart at curbside for pickup?

    You should move the carts to the front curb the night before your collection day, but no later than 5 a.m. on your collection day. Promptly remove your cart from the curb after it has been emptied.
  • What do I put in my garbage cart and how often is it collected?

    Household garbage should be bagged before placing the cart. By placing your garbage in plastic bags you will keep your cart clean and minimize odors and spillage. Do not put hot ashes or coals, household hazardous waste and medical waste in your cart. DO NOT OVERFILL CARTS. The lids must remain closed to prevent littering, to allow for semi-automated collection, help control odors and varmints. Residents are allowed to place items on side of cart for additional service on their collection day. You should occasionally clean your cart with bleach or ammonia.
  • What happens if my family moves?

    The cart belongs to St. Charles Parish and must remain at your former residence.
  • What if my cart is overloaded?

    Please place extra items on the side of carts for collection. The contractor will collect up to two cubic yards per week at roadside not to exceed six feet in length or 75 pounds. The contractor shall collect boxes and other light packaging or containers place adjacent to residential and small commercial service units.
  • What materials are accepted in the parish's public recycling bins?

    For more information on what's accepted at the parish's public recycling bins, as well as locations, see this page.

  • What if my collection day falls on a holiday?

    Holidays observed are Mardi Gras, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. Garbage will be collected on your next collection day. The parish will post notices regarding these holidays before they occur.

  • How should I handle debris from tree cutting and similar activities?

    Any landowner who cuts down a tree containing any parts with a circumference of 36 inches or greater at the cut line is responsible for the removal of said tree and its limbs and branches from the property, unless the resident cuts the material into smaller pieces. In addition, landowners are responsible for removing all debris left over from any activities (tree cutting, etc.) which result in more than 10 cubic yards of vegetative debris. If a resident uses a contractor to cut down trees or remove vegetation, the resident has the obligation to inform the contractor that it is the contractor’s obligation to remove the generated debris and haul it to a proper landfill. Please note that only licensed arborists are legally able to cut down trees commercially in St. Charles Parish. For a list of these services, visit the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry website at (Ordinance 2013-0356)
  • How should I handle debris from a building construction or renovation I am undertaking?

    Those seeking a permit to construct or renovate a building within St. Charles Parish must provide to the Planning and Zoning Department a copy of a debris removal plan to either 1) contain the resulting debris in an approved container or 2) have the debris hauled offsite daily during construction. For minor residential permits, the Planning and Zoning may accept an alternative form of debris removal. Failure to take these measures could result in a penalty fine of not more than $500 and/or imprisonment for not more than 6 months, or the payment of restitution costs to Public Works as determined by the court for each offense. (Ordinance 2013-0353)
  • What do I do with my white goods?

    White goods – also known as large appliances – are collected once per week. For pickup service, call Public Works at (985) 331-8604.
  • How can I request a cart replacement or repair?

    Call Public Works at (985) 331-8604. You may also fill out the online form. All garbage pickup complaints may also be sent via this method. Please note that the contractor will only replace damaged or stolen carts.

  • When is my garbage pickup day?

    • Wednesday and Saturday from I-310 through Montz.
    • Tuesday and Friday from I-310 through St. Rose.

    • Monday and Thursday – Towns of Killona, Taft, Hahnville, Luling (between River Road and Highway 90), Mozella, Paradis, Des Allemands, Bayou Gauche.

    • Tuesday and Friday – Luling (Willowdale, Davis Plantation, Willowridge, Lakewood West, Mimosa Park, Coronado Park), Boutte (south of Highway 90 to I-310) and Ama (effective March 23, 2015).

    * Carts should be placed with handles facing the street.

    More information: (985) 873-9553.

  • Who is provided garbage service?

    Parish garbage collection is provided to residences and small businesses with active water meters that are being billed for the service on their water bills. Owners of vacant lots do not pay these fees; therefore trash placed in front of vacant lots will not be collected.
  • My street light is out. Who should I contact to have it fixed?

    Street light outages may be reported to the parish Contract Monitor's Office at (985) 764-1207. You may also choose to fill out the form located here.
  • Who should I contact for garbage pickup complaints?

    You may either fill out a form on the website or call Public Works. All pertinent information on your options can be found here.
  • Where can I bring hazardous materials such as oil, paint and old electronics for disposal?

    A Household Hazardous Materials Collection Day is scheduled each year in the spring by local industry sponsors. For more information on what you are allowed to bring to this drop-off, visit the website. The event is supported by St. Charles and St. John Parishes, local industry and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality. Please check the parish's website calendar for upcoming events as information becomes available.

    Best Buy and Office Depot both take electronics for recycling. Visit their Web sites to find out more information on their policies. For more information on where to bring other recyclables locally visit the HHMCD Web page.
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