Commercial/Industrial New Construction

A business owner who is seeking to build a new facility or add-on to an existing structure must receive approval from the Planning & Zoning Department, the Sales Tax Office and the Tax Division of the Sheriff’s Office.

Step 1.) Commercial/Industrial New Construction Permit from the Department of Planning and Zoning

Here is what you will need:

  • A completed Commercial/Industrial Permit application. 
  • A copy of the deed (legal description) to the property.
  • Survey and grade certificate of property dated and signed by a licensed land surveyor.
  • Two complete sets of stamped building and civil construction plans. Plans shall include the site plan showing all dimensions, building setbacks, required parking, loading, landscaping, fencing and buffer elements.
  • One digital (.pdf) copy of the stamped Building and Civil Construction with Manual N, if required
  • Drainage plan and calculations stamped by a Louisiana licensed engineer.
  • Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) approval statement if total soil disturbance is greater than one acre. Best Management Practice applies to all construction regardless of size. Call 985-331-4478 for requirement details.
  • State Fire Marshal review letter. Call 504-568-8506 for more information. 
  • Health Department (985-785-1029) approval.
  • Copy of driveway permit, if required. Call DOTD (504-437-3100) for state highways and/or
    (985-783-5102) for Parish streets.
  • St. Charles Parish Waterworks permit.
  • St. Charles Parish Wastewater (sewer) permit.
  • Contract for construction debris removal
  • Contract from a Portable Sanitary Facility Vendor
  • Approval Letter from the Levee District for all projects located within 1500 feet of the base of the
    levee (East Bank call 225-869-9721, West Bank call 225-265-7545).
  • Copy of the Construction Contract (to determine building permit fees).
  • Permit and inspection fees paid in full. Permit fees are non-refundable. Plan, review and
    inspection may be partially refunded on a pro rata basis.

Here is what you will need to obtain the final certificate of zoning compliance:

  • Final as-built survey, including Final Elevation Certificate
  • State Fire Marshall and/or other State or Federal agency approval (written)
  • Wastewater Department and/or DHH approval (written)
  • Building Code Certificate of Compliance (after the final inspection)
  • Drainage, parking and landscaping approval

Step 2.) Receive approval of drainage plans by the Department of Public Works

Step 3.) Obtain a registration number and certificate from the Sales Tax Office

Step 4.) Obtain an Occupational License from the Tax Division of the Sheriff's Office

Here is what you will need:

  • Fill out the Occupational License Application with $50 fee. More information here
  • Present the Commercial/Industrial Permit from the Planning and Zoning Department (Step I)
  • The Sales Tax Number from the Sales Tax Office (Step II).
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