Beer/Liquor License

If your business intends to serve or sell alcohol, it will require a Beer/Liquor License from the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office. 

  • The proposed business is not within five hundred (500) feet of a public playground, a building used exclusively as a church or synagogue, a public library, a public school, or a licensed day care center, except a school for business education conducted as a business college. The applicant must submit an application, signed by a registered surveyor or engineer, stating compliance with the five-hundred (500) feet rule.
  • Submission of a completed and notarized Beer and/or Liquor License application, along with the accompanying license fee 
  • Publication of a public notice for two (2) consecutive weeks in the St. Charles Herald Guide.
  • Submission of a completed and notarized “Schedule A” by all managers. “Schedule A”, administered by the Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control, provides detailed information on the applicant’s background and documents the satisfaction of criteria and conditions listed in LA R.S. 26:79 and 279.
  • Verification of United States citizenship and Louisiana residency, for the past two (2) years, by all owners and managers.
  • Fingerprinting of all owners and managers.
  • Submission of a completed Alcohol-Beer Operators Permit by all employees who will handle alcohol in the proposed business.
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