Right to Direct Participation


No person shall be denied the right to observe and, within guidelines, address the Council provided that the person has submitted a written request containing the nature of the subject to be discussed. All requests and pertinent information must be received by the council secretary at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting. (Home Rule Charter, Article VII., Section I.)
Each person may speak once no longer than five minutes, except with two-thirds consent of the Council, an additional three minutes may be granted to either individuals or groups.

Any representative of a group addressing the Council shall state the complete name of the group in the letter request. A letter signed by a simple majority of the members of the board of directors of the group, organization or association stating permission to address the Council; the date and time the meeting was held giving said permission and the subject to be addressed should be included with the petition to speak. A bona fide charter of the organization certified (ratified) by the state of Louisiana shall be filed with the council secretary. A current list of executive officers and/or board members shall be submitted to the council secretary annually or when changes occur.


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