Bank Drafting

Bank Drafting


Automatic bank drafting is an easy, hassle-free way to pay your utility bill. This service allows you to pay your bill automatically through your checking account. It saves you from worrying about late payments and the cost of a stamp each month.

Fill out the authorization form above with both your utility bill account and checking account information. Mail or bring the form to the Luling Waterworks Office accompanied by a voided check or pre-printed deposit slip.

Any balance due on your utility bill should be paid prior to the startup of bank drafting. If the balance is not paid, the first draft will deduct the entire amount owed on your utility account. Your checking account will be drafted on the due date indicated on your bill.

Additional fees shall be charged for all returned drafts, and a notice will be delivered to the location of service indicating amount, date and terms of payment to prevent disconnection of service. We reserve the right to cancel direct drafting after three returned drafts.

For more information, please call Waterworks at (985) 783-5110. 

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