About RSVP


RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program) is a network of national service programs that provides older Americans the opportunity to apply their life experience to meeting community needs. RSVP volunteers serve in a diverse range of nonprofit organizations, public agencies and faith-based groups.

RSVP of the River Parishes is a federally legislated grant program under the Corporation for National and Community Service, the federal domestic agency for volunteerism in Washington, D.C. RSVP is sponsored and funded by the St. Charles Parish Council and also receives funding from the Corporation for National and Community Service, St. John the Baptist Parish and the United Way of St. Charles

The purpose of RSVP is to enable older Americans aged 55 and over to contribute to their communities through volunteer service, to enhance the lives of the volunteers and those whom they serve, and to provide communities valuable services. RSVP utilizes the vast talents of older volunteers willing to share their experiences, abilities and skills in responding to a wide variety of community needs.

RSVP responds to community needs in St. Charles, St. James, and St. John the Baptist parishes. Retired and senior volunteers are recruited and assigned locally to serve on a regular basis throughout their communities – in local schools, libraries, adult day care centers, senior centers, hospitals, nursing homes, museums, government agencies, literacy, substance abuse prevention, mass care, disaster relief and many other community service organizations.

Retired and senior volunteers serve without compensation but receive benefits of travel reimbursement, meals, accident and liability insurance while on assignment and annual recognition events.

Through RSVP projects, our communities can provide valuable services, while older volunteers feel useful and needed. The challenges and activities of volunteering promote longer, happier and more meaningful lives for persons age 55 and older and offer volunteers the opportunity to remain active in our society.


RSVP is open to people age 55 and over. Partners, operations and local organizations, both public and private, receive grants to sponsor and operate RSVP projects in their communities. These projects recruit seniors to serve from a few hours a month to almost full time, though the average commitment is four hours per week. Most volunteers are paired with local community and faith-based organizations that are already helping to meet community needs. You may pick up a volunteer application from the main office.

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