Video DVD Copies

The Public Information Office is happy to provide DVD copies of parish events and SCP-TV segments which it possesses.

The Public Information Office charges a $5 fee per DVD copy either picked up or mailed to a requester. If more than one video segment is requested, the office will attempt to burn as many segments as possible onto one DVD, at a cost of $1 per each extra segment. If another DVD is required, an additional $5 fee will be required.

Fees may either be paid in cash in person at the St. Charles Parish Courthouse, second floor, Parish President's Office, or checks may be made payable to St. Charles Parish Government and mailed attn: Renee A. Simpson, P.O. Box 302, Hahnville, LA 70057.

For more information or to request a DVD, please fill out this form or call (985) 783-5183.

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