Home Elevation FAQ

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How does the Flood Elevation Program operate?

The Parish applies for grants on behalf of homeowners, when they come available, typically through FEMA. In order to initially qualify, a home must be designated as a Repetitive Loss (RL) or Severe Repetitive Loss (SRL) and MUST carry flood insurance. Programs may require matching funds from the homeowner.

How will residents be contacted if they are eligible for a grant?

If funding becomes available, the Parish will review the application requirements and establish a set of priorities. Previously, homeowners who were either RL or SRL were sent letters to determine interest. Over 425 letters were sent to homeowners in October 2019 and the Parish received interest from 31 homeowners.

Has the Parish applied for funding this year?

The Grants Office submitted an application for $5.6 million to the FMA program in late 2019 for 31 properties to be elevated. This is a competitive grant and the Parish should know if it has been approved by the end of the year. If funded, homeowners will be notified. The elevation process usually takes one to two years after notification.

What is the average cost of an elevation?

Based on our current elevations, the average cost for homes to be elevated is $120,000.00, however, projects vary.  Cost shares range from 0% to 25% based on the grant criteria in the past. A 25% cost-share on a $120,000.00 project, the homeowner would have to pay $30,000 at the start of the project and the grant would pay $90,000.00.

Who can I call if I’m interested in elevating my home?

Residents can call the Grants Office at 985-783-5000. The office will keep a record of all calls, addresses, and contact information. They will also check the current RL/SRL to see if the property is listed. The property must maintain flood insurance and there is no guarantee that your home will be selected. These are highly competitive grants and the Parish is not guaranteed funding.


Repetitive Loss (RL)
An NFIP-insured structure that has had at least two paid flood losses of more than $1,000 each in any 10-year period since 1978.

Severe Repetitive Loss (SRL)
Is covered under a Standard Flood Insurance Policy made available under this title; has incurred flood damage for which:

A. Four or more separate claim payments have been made under a Standard Flood Insurance Policy issued pursuant to this title, with the amount of each such claim exceeding $5,000, and with the cumulative amount of such claims payments exceeding $20,000; or

B. At least two separate claims payments have been made under a Standard Flood Insurance Policy, with the cumulative amount of such claim payments exceed the fair market value of the insured building on the day before each loss.

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