Geographic Information Systems Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I view a map of my lot and/or zoning information on the parish website?

    Yes. Website users can look up parcel ownership and attribute information on the St. Charles Parish interactive map in a variety of ways. 

    The first is zooming into the desired parcel and clicking the information button (i) on the tool bar, then selecting the property search tool and clicking on the parcel. A window will then open with all the ownership information.

    Website users can also find parcel information by selecting the 'Search GIS Database' tab and typing in the PI_CODE of the parcel. A box will then open at the bottom of the screen listing the attribute information. This window provides a variety of options to either export the information to an Excel file, a PDF and more.

    The St. Charles Parish Geographic Information Systems Office is constantly updating parcel attribute information. If you are searching for a parcel and it does not have the attribute information you need, please contact the Assessor's Office.

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