Post Date:February 07, 2019 11:09 AM

St. Charles Parish is closing recycle sites and adopting a new recycling policy due to uncontrolled dumping of non-recyclable items and excessive nonresidential use of the current recycling sites provided by the parish; the recycling changes have begun and will go into full effect in February.

“We don’t want to discourage residents from recycling.” said Parish President Larry Cochran. “We just want to provide them with a way to recycle that is also cost effective for them.”

In 2018 the parish’s contract monitor began the process of slowly transitioning the parish to the new recycling policy. This started with the closing of five recycling sites. Those sites were: Montz, Norco, St. Rose, Lakewood Elementary and J.B. Martin Middle School. During the first two weeks of February all sites will be closed as the parish transitions to the two permanent sites at the East and West bank bridge parks.

Residents will notice that the current recycling bins will be replaced with a 25 yard roll off bin that has smaller side sliding doors to encourage proper recycling.

“The excessive dumping was a significant problem for the parish,” said Contract Monitor Chandra Sampey. “The parish was spending unnecessary tax dollars trying to control the dumping. The conditions were getting so bad that the sites were becoming unsanitary due to illegal dumping."

In order to reeducate the residents on what is permissible with the new service agreement, the Contract Monitor’s Office is partnering with The Public Information Office to launch a SCP, Recycle Right Campaign.

The following outreach efforts are scheduled to be part of the campaign this February:

  • PSA Series – The Public Information Office will air a 3-part PSA video series showing residents how to recycle according to the service agreement. The PSAs will air on SCP-TV (Cox Channel 6, U-Verse 99). The videos will also be available on the parish website at and its social media pages.
  • SCP-TV TODAY: The Contract Monitor appeared on the January addition of SCP Today showing residents what can and cannot be recycled while also answering questions. The show will air on SCP-TV (Cox Channel 6, U-Verse 99). The videos will also be available on the parish website at and its social media pages.
  • SCPFEED: The PIO Staff will also publish an SCPFEED article giving visuals of recyclable items.

“We are hoping this campaign brings awareness and educates the public.,” Said interim Public Officer Adrienne Bourgeois. “We hope this outreach will not only teach the residents why it is important to recycle the right way, but also shows them how to use the proper outlets correctly.”

The mission of St. Charles Parish government is to provide high quality, efficient services to sustain and enhance the quality of life for all residents of St. Charles Parish.
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PHOTO: Residents will notice a new 25 yard roll off bin at both the East and West Bank Bridge Parks.

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