Post Date:October 11, 2018 3:30 PM

Parish President Larry Cochran spoke at the Motorist Assistance Patrol Expansion Press Conference on October 8 in LaPlace. Below is the text of his speech:

"I am honored to be here today. This expansion is paving the way for safer communities. I am a firm believer that the main goal of any parish government should be to always work towards improving the quality of life for residents. Whether that enhancement comes through drainage improvements, increased community service programs, or something as simple as fast and efficient garbage collection… our goal must always be to improve quality of life.

This expansion does that but specifically for St. Charles Parish it has great benefits to responders for incidents on I-10. Helping secure the scene and reducing the likelihood of secondary crashes, which pose significant dangers to first responders and other drivers creates, a community that is safer for residents and first responders.

Additionally, this expansion will help St. Charles residents who encounter car trouble on the long stretch of elevated interstate through the parish.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank DOTD and the RPC for making this possible for the river parishes. Because of your part in this, government is able to focus on bigger issues like levee protection and drainage improvements. Partnerships and projects like this typically go unnoticed by residents until they need the services provided; however, it’s because of this selfless work we are able to continue to enhance the lives throughout the river parishes.

I heard somewhere that good neighbors make a huge difference in the quality of life. That couldn’t be truer. Thank you, Timmy, for doing your part and thank you Natalie for making this possible in part by supporting the office space and vehicle staging area in LaPlace.

I am excited for the positive impact this expansion will have in St. Charles parish and I am grateful that this will allow St. Charles Parish to become a safer community to live and work."

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