Post Date:June 24, 2018 2:29 PM

SCP-TVupdateGreetings viewers,

As you may have noticed, SCP-TV Government Access (Cox Channel 6, U-Verse 99) had a fairly large technical issue in June that reduced our programming to a powerpoint slide. So I am here to explain what you need to know:

Technical Issue Explained

The brief explanation is this: The government access channel is made up of several computer servers that perform different functions: live shots, scheduled shows, slides, the web feed and closed captioning. The server that acts as the 'mind' of this system suffered a hard drive failure that greatly limited the control of the entire system and deleted nearly all content that was airing. This was an extremely rare occurance.

What it Means for SCP-TV

While the channel is back up and running, the Public Information Office is working to bring back all of the useful content (video coverage, promos, slides) that viewers normally enjoy. However, replacing a decade's worth of content is not an easy task so we appreciate your patience.

Why Government Access Television is Important

The most important function of SCP-TV is that it serves as a conduit for information during emergencies. For this reason, it is located at the Emergency Operations Center where our emergency coordinators are able to quickly provide updates for viewers in a crisis. It is engrained in their procedures. 

The Silver Lining

While total deletion of content isn't ideal, this is a chance to recreate the government access channel from scratch and we are taking the opportunity to use new graphics and designs. Don't worry. You will still see the green.

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