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Post Date:April 20, 2018 2:48 PM


If you have driven down Ormond Boulevard recently you may have noticed Public Works crews working on the Cross Ditch Drainage Project... but what exactly are they doing and how will this benefit you?

3. Maintenance 

Prior to the cross ditch project, water from surrounding properties would fall into open ditches that ran perpendicular to Ormond Boulevard. Often, the ditches would get full of debris requiring Public Works crews to manually remove it. Crews are responsible for parish servitude upkeep and these open ditches also made cutting the grass difficult around open utility wires. With the installation of the catch basin, crews will be able to maintain the servitude more efficiently.

2. Drainage

This project will allow the water to drain into the culverts, which directs the flow of the water to Ormond oaks ditch.The main thing the residents will notice is that this project will keep the water off of Ormond Boulevard because it will be able to flow without the obstruction of debris and move faster into the ditch.

1. Flood Prevention

Let’s face it: flooding is a harsh reality of living in south Louisiana. Luckily for us, infrastructure projects like this are proactive and aid in preventing flooding.

Looking for more information on this project? Here's the video I did for the April edition of the SCP Today show:

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