Post Date:March 23, 2018 12:51 PM

Willowridge Reach

  • The Willowridge Levee Phase 1 earthen levee project is complete.
  • Willowridge Pump Station: Project is complete.
  • Willowridge Phase III: Project is complete.

Ellington Reach

  • Ellington Levee – Phase I Project: Substantial completion of the project was granted on February 01, 2018. Contractor has been working on the final punch list items, and the Contractor expects to complete the project by end of April 2018.
  • The Ellington Levee – Phase 2: Ordinance for the award of the construction contract to Pontchartrain Partners, LLC has been approved by SCP Council at the February 26, 2018 Council meeting. Pre-construction meeting of this project occurred on March 6, 2018 and notice to proceed for construction was given dated March 12, 2018. Contractor has set up the project trailer and started dewatering the Willowridge detention area for excavation to obtain material for the embankment. Contractor has submitted preliminary project schedule, SWPPP, and equipment list to the Engineer for review. As of this meeting this project is 15 days into 450 calendar days project. Based on the project schedule the expected completion date is June 5, 2019.
  • Ellington Pump Station: The 90% final design documents for the Ellington Pump Station have been submitted to the Parish for review. Received notification from DOTD Statewide Flood Control Program advices that this project will appear in the FY 2017/18 recommended construction program.

Magnolia Ridge Reach

  • Magnolia Ridge Levee: Geotechnical Engineer has taken approx. 65 soil borings along the alignment of the existing levee to analyze for suitability to cap the existing levee and bring the low spots to elevation +7.5. The analysis is to verify if the existing levee meets the latest USACE levee criteria. Analysis is complete and the geotechnical report has been provided to BKI for incorporating into the final design of the Magnolia Ridge levee Project. BKI has provided final design plans to St. Charles Parish Public Works for the review.
  • Magnolia Ridge Pump Station: Notice to procced for construction of this project was given on December 11, 2017. As of this meeting this project is 105 days into 500 calendar day project. Contractor has mobilized the equipment and project trailer has been setup onsite. 75% of the project area has been cleared and grubbed, and the installation of the 2” water line was completed, tested and approved by the Louisiana department of health. Contractor has dewatered, degrassed, levelled the project area, and started excavating the ditch that connects to the Paradis Canal. Test pile has been installed on the project site and testing has been completed. Contractor has relocated the existing SCP hydraulic pump to allow for construction activities. Contractor has begun hauling off the wood chips from the site to KV Enterprises landfill and started driving the sheet piles for the cofferdam for the pump station area. Levee layout has been established. Based on the project schedule the expected completion date is April 25th, 2019.


  • To date, St. Charles Parish/LBLD has acquired 26 of 30 levee servitude parcels from 28 impacted landowners. GCR and St. Charles Parish representatives are continuing to work with the owner of Parcel 27-4 to relocate a mobile home from the levee right of way and address the septic system encroaching in the levee right of way. The Order of Expropriation was filed by LBLD’s attorney for Parcels 19-1 (Richard) and 19-7 (Succession of Guidry). GCR has recommended all remaining parcels for expropriation, and all files have been provided to LBLD's attorney for that purpose.

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